Effective conservation depends on the collection and effective interpretation of scientific research. Without knowing what is happening in the natural world, or why, we are not equipped to take action to protect species, environments and ecosystems.

me IDing smallIdentifying lions in the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

My focus is on applicable research centred on modern conservation issues and also how people can live alongside viable wildlife populations. Having trained in quantitative methods in biodiversity and conservation and undertaken a range of research projects, I have a strong background in collecting scientific data to make informed conservation decisions. Examples of past projects include The Mara Predator Project and research into the feeding habits of shorebirds on the Ribble Estuary SSSI, including an assessment of a planned realignment site at Hesketh Out Marsh.

For more information on past and present research projects, or if you would like to discuss collaborations or future opportunities, please get in touch.